War of information

Spin is showing a selected side of the truth, an Israeli journalist said. It is the truth, but it is only a facet.

What I saw in Israel was the truth. The people who I spoke with and met with told the truth. Their messages, though, were only a part of the truth.

The most potent and dangerous weapon is not a rifle or any sort of firearm or rocket, Daniel Reisner, head the Public International Law, Defense and Homeland Security Division at Israel’s largest law firm.

It is information.

Reisner said the information about the attacks between Hamas and Israel get distorted through videos. In a specific incident, he said members of Hamas attacked an Israeli base and planted a flag for a few moments, took video footage of it, and then ran away. Later, Reisner said a video was circulating saying Hamas had taken over the base, and showed footage of the planted flag as proof.

He said members of Hamas and Hezbollah would also have people “play dead” in front of the camera, and take footage of people pretending to be dead to make it seem like there were more casualties in an Israeli attack than there actually were.

Reisner said he had footage of Hamas and Hezbollah members actually doing this. I am going to email him presently asking for that video, and when/if I get it, I’m going to post it here.

Reisner knows the power of stories and information, which is why he is telling us these things. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict isn’t just about fire power, it is about allies and sympathies, and the more allies you have, the better off you’ll be.

Reisner also said YouTube censors and removes IDF clips from the site. While censorship may be present, I found a number of IDF clips on YouTube when I did a quick search. That doesn’t necessarily mean YouTube doesn’t take some footage down, but the IDF definitely has a presence.

In this conflict, both sides need to know how to use the media– information is a weapon. In order to not be a vessel for another person’s agenda, it’s good to know people doctor footage and will host campus media groups for free*.

I’m an idiot if I stomp my feet and huff about how people only present their argument or their truth. I’m an idiot if I think people aren’t going to lie to get ahead. It is not their job to present an objective, full and true representation of facts and events, it’s mine. Nobody is going to drop a neat little truth package in my lap. It’s up to me to wade through the bullshit and find it.

*Edit: I do not view these things as equally deceptive. I don’t think Project Interchange was deceptive, but I do think it had an agenda, which isn’t a bad thing. I’m just aware it has one.


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